Constant Content Update

>> Monday, November 8, 2010

Back in September I set an ambitious goal of writing at least 20 articles for Constant Content by the end of the month. Unfortunately I did not achieve this goal. During the months of September and October I didn't write any articles for Constant Content or other websites. When I posted my goal on this blog I thought I would be able to achieve the goal but the goal was probably set too high. One of the reasons I wasn't able to achieve this goal is because it was set around the same time I joined a new direct selling gift basket business. I thought I would be able to write articles and promote my new business at the same. But I took on more than I could handle.

I hope this month I will start back writing again. If I do set another goal for Constant Content, I will try to write at least five articles first instead of twenty.

Sorry to those who are followers or visitors of my blog for the delay in blog posts. I will try to start writing new blog posts soon.

If any of you want to know more about the gift basket business I have joined check out the following:


Constant Content Goal

>> Saturday, September 11, 2010

I've recently decided to publicly announce some of my goals. I believe posting my goals on my blog will help me to work towards achieving my writing goals. The first goal I have is for Constant Content. I decided to have a goal for Constant Content when I found out the benefits of writing for the website and after receiving some great advice from Deanna over at Write Moms. My goal for Constant Content is to submit at least 20 articles by the end of September. I'm giving myself the whole month because I have other things I need to work on such as other writing websites and a new network marketing company I recently joined.

The problems I'm currently having with Constant Content is coming up with things to write about and making sure my articles are well written. I have already submitted two articles. One has been accepted and the article has been declined. After finding out my article was declined it caused me to feel like I really need to improve my writing skills or the editors at Constant Content are tougher than I thought.

The other writing websites I will be contributing to this month are Demand Studios, Bukisa, and maybe Associated Content.

If you would like to see the network marketing company I have just joined, check out the blog I created. I would love to receive some feedback on this blog. Here's the link: Gourmet Gift Baskets

What are your goals for September?

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Demand Studios Dilemma

It's been a while since I have written for Demand Studios. I wasn't able to write for them as much as I wanted to because I was in college and didn't have enough time to contribute to the website. But now I'm finished with college and I'm ready to write more articles for Demand Studios.

One dilemma I'm currently having is the lack of good article topics. Lately when I'm searching for a articles at Demand Studios I have come across some the strangest titles. Some of the things they are asking people to write about are hard to research or impossible to write about. But I have gotten pass this dilemma because I have been able find good articles to write. Another dilemma I've had in the past with Demand Studios is the editing. The last time I wrote an article it was rejected. The editor of the article had me so confused about the article that I gave people instructions on how to wash an unwashable clothing item. The good thing about the article rejections is that so far I have only had one.

Other than that I'm looking forward to writing for Demand Studios again because I like the quick payment. Even though Demand Studios has low payments, it's very attractive to a lot of writers because other writing websites require them to have a certain number of page views or until someone buys one of their articles before they are paid.

If you write for Demand Studios, tell me how you feel about the website.


6 Great Freelance Writing Websites

>> Friday, September 3, 2010

Do any of you get into the habit of bookmarking website after website but only end up bookmarking way too many sites that you never get a chance to visit? I recently took the time to look at the some of the freelance writing websites and blogs that I've bookmarked. As I looked at some of the websites, I began to wonder if I really needed to bookmark some of these sites. This goes to show there is so much information about freelance writing but I never hurts to take the time to get rid of the bookmarked websites you don't need anymore. Because having access to too much information can be overwhelming.

Below I have included a list of a few websites/blogs I like to visit:

Freelance Writing Blogs

No Job For Mom - This blog was created by a woman named Felicia. I discovered this blog when I first started writing articles. I use this blog to look up information about companies I would like to write for and to read the great tips Felicia gives.

My Work At Home My Blog - This blog was created by a woman that goes by the name WriterGig. I don't visit her blog that much but it has been an inspiration to see the residual income she has made from eHow and other sources such as affiliate marketing. She is one of eHow's top earners and has written an e-book that shares tips about how she's been able to make over $500 with eHow. Click here to check out WriterGig's e-book. This e-book should also be useful for people that write for other residual income sites such as Bukisa.

Write Moms - I recently found this blog a few weeks ago and have come across some very useful information. The creator of this blog, Deanna, has written great reviews for websites such as Triond, Examiner, Constant Content and much more. She also has great tips about freelance writing.

WritingHood - This website has great reviews about websites such as Bukisa and gives great tips about freelance writing.

The Frugal Freelancer - In my opinion, this blog is a great source for freelance writers that own a blog. I noticed there is a lot of great information about increasing traffic to your blog. But there is also great information about freelance writing.

Accentuate Writers - This is a freelance writer forum I have recently found. I don't know a lot about this forum because I just registered today but I did get a chance to look around and it seems like it's a great forum.

This are just a few of the websites I like to visit. I might post some more websites that have been useful to me in another blog post.

Leave a comment if any of you have a favorite freelance writing website/blog you like to visit, I would love for you to share.


Writing Opportunity: Daily Article

>> Friday, August 27, 2010

Daily Article has been around since 2007. It was created to give website owners a place where they can purchase high-quality articles and so writers could sell and promote their articles. If you have never heard of the Daily Article, the best way I can describe is that it's very similar to Constant Content. But there are a few differences between both websites.

Are Articles Reviewed?

The editors at Daily Article do review the articles to make sure they are original content and there are no duplicates. The editors use Copyscape to make sure the articles are 100% original. Unlike Constant Content, articles at Daily Article are not checked for grammar and spelling errors. So writers don't have to worry about going through this process.

How are writers paid?

Writers are allowed to write about anything and are able to choose the price of their articles. When an article is sold writers receive 80% of the sale of the article and Daily Article keeps 20%. Payments are made through Paypal. At Constant Content, writers receive 65% of the sale of the article and the company keeps 35%. Even though writers at Constant Content are paid a little less the website does have a referral program which is one thing Daily Article doesn't have. Writers receive 5% of all of the referral's sales.

Article Usage/Rights

Compared to Constant Content, you don't have a choice between several different article rights at Daily Article. Articles are automatically sold as full rights. Once your article is sold the buyer will be given the full rights and will also be allowed to change the article if he or she chooses to. After the article is sold writers will no longer be able to republish the article.

How to Upload Articles

At Daily Article you are required to upload your article using a text file. This means you will not be able to use programs such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works. The best way I found to upload your articles is by using the Notepad program. The Notepad program is available on every computer.

My Personal Experience with Daily Article

I joined Daily Article in 2008. I have posted 5 articles to the website and have sold 3. One of the articles only took one month to sell and the other two took about three to four months. I did remove an article I wasn't able to sell and posted it on Constant Content and was able to sell it within three months. If you do hear negative reviews about Daily Article just remember there are some people that have had success selling articles on the website.


Why You Should Never Stop Looking for Writing Opportunities?

>> Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If you are a newbie or a veteran freelance writer you have probably gotten comfortable with your current writing opportunities. But depending on those websites/clients, particularly if you are depending on one or two writing jobs, as your main income source could hurt you down the road. Sometimes those writing opportunities could easily go away without warning. That's why it's a good idea to be prepared for the worst case scenario just in case you lose one of those income sources. One way to make sure you have a steady flow of income is by working on your residual income. It might take a while to build up but it will be worth it in the end. A few websites that offer residual income that you might want to consider writing for are Hubpages, Bukisa, Triond.

While you are searching for more writing jobs you should always remember to not take on more writing opportunities than you can handle. You should take the time to figure out if you can add more writing jobs so you won't be overwhelmed.

I have recently started looking for more places to write for because I wasn't happy with the articles that were available at Demand Studios and Textbroker. Lately it seems like Demand Studios has some of the weirdest titles that are hard or impossible to research. Because of this I decided to take a leap of faith and applied to two places. I was recently hired by one but haven't heard back from the other. I have also done a little research about the earning potential with websites that offer residual income, such as Bukisa, and I plan to start focusing on that area of writing.

To help you with your writing job search I have included a link to three websites that have a list of writing jobs. The list on each website is updated weekly/daily.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Online Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs


Procrastination.....A Writer's Worst Enemy

>> Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well it may not be a writer's worst enemy but it's at the top of the list. Procrastination can be a huge setback for a writer and can have a negative impact on their income. It can also block writers' creative process and cause them to miss good opportunities.

This is something that I'm currently dealing with. Sometimes I just don't felt like writing and I've had a hard time coming up with topics to write about. I have come up with a few ways to stop procrastinating. If you are also dealing with this problem, hopefully the following information will be useful for you.

  • To-Do List - I will start using a to-do list so I can keep track of the most important things I need to do. It will help me to focus on important tasks and to spend less time on activities that are time wasters.
  • Schedule - I will use a schedule to figure out the amount of time I should spend writing and to spend my time wisely so I can get more things done.
  • Work on mindset - The purpose of working on my mindset is so I can have a positive outlook and find ways to remind myself of the importance of finishing writing assignments so I won't continue to be a procrastinator. I will improve my mindset by listening to positive audio messages and reading positive books.
Once you figure out the best way to stop procrastinating those creative juices will start to flow again and you will be well on your way to getting back into the zone.


My Personal Experience with Constant Content

>> Monday, August 9, 2010

The purpose of this post is to give people who are interested in Constant Content a good example of how long it might take to sale articles on the website. Please remember your results with Constant Content will be different from mine.

Constant Content is a website that allows you to write about anything you want and you're able to choose the price of your articles. I joined Constant Content January of this year. I was unsure of the success I would have with the website so I decided to sale an old article I have never published on another website. Before I joined Constant Content I was a member of a similar website called Daily Article. From the beginning I noticed one of the differences between both websites is that at Constant Content you have to wait for your article to be reviewed
for grammar errors and approved. You don't have to worry about this at Daily Article. I submitted the article to Constant Content on March 3, 2010. The type of article I submitted was health related. Before the article was accepted it was rejected two times because of a simple grammar error. The article finally sold on June 10. So it took about three months for the article to sell. In my opinion, I believe articles can sell much faster on Constant Content if you upload more and choose good topics. Once buyers get use to seeing your name and know that you're a good writer you should be able to sell articles faster. I haven't experienced this myself because I have only added one article but I know this is possible because some people are making a full time income through Constant Content. Maybe in the future I will take the time to add more articles to see what will happen.

If you would like more information about Constant Content check out this great review written on Jane Dragon's Blog. Click Here to check out the review

If you are interested in joining the website Click Here to Join.


The Importance of Freelance Writers Following a Schedule

>> Friday, July 30, 2010

As a freelance writer one of the important things to do is to figure out how to balance the time you spend writing and doing your daily activities. The best way to make sure you have enough time in the day to write is to create a schedule. Creating a schedule will help you to be more organized, allow you to be more prepared to meet deadlines, and will give you more time to work on other tasks such as promoting your writing.

When you're creating a schedule one of the first things you should do is decide the best time of day to write (morning, night, etc). Once you figure this out it should be much easier for you to add your other daily activities to your schedule. After you have created your schedule the most important thing to do is to never stop following your schedule. Following a schedule will make your life as a freelance writer much easier.


My Thoughts on Low Paying Articles

>> Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I have mentioned in my first post that the first place I have ever wrote an article for was Associated Content. Since then I have written articles for websites such as Demand Studios, Textbroker, and a few others. In the beginning I thought these websites were a good place to develop my writing skills. But when I would write articles for these websites I always wondered how you could possibly make an income you could actually live off of from these sites. One day I decided to do some research and discovered there were writers that would write 7 or more articles for some of these websites several days a week. Many of them have claimed all this hard work has lead to them making an income of over $1000 a month. When I found out this information it was encouraging but I still thought it was a lot of work and always thought in the back of my mind there must be a better way to make more money writing articles.

About a year ago I received an answer to the doubts I had about low paying articles. I came across a writer online that encouraged me to seek higher paying writing jobs and she sent me an article that explains why websites like Demand Studios are wrong for paying writers low wages. The information she gave me helped me to feel so much better about the doubts I had.

I do still write for some of these sites but this year I'm working towards finding higher paying jobs. I feel like when I first became a freelance writer I didn't know that writers were being cheated when they were paid such low wages. But since I have found out the truth about low paying articles I plan to use the information I have found to stop accepting low paying jobs before the end of the year and to seek writing jobs that are willing to pay writers the amount of money they deserve.

"When you know better you do better"

Even though Associated Content and similar websites might not be the best place for writers who want to make a full time income, I do feel like Associated Content did help me to feel confident about becoming a writer and it helped me to develop some of my writing skills.


Is Associated Content Still a Good Place For Writers?

>> Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When Associated Content started back in 2005 it was a great place for new or veteran freelance writers to write about whatever they wanted while receiving upfront payment for those articles and a residual income. Writers who were with Associated Content for the first few years got a chance to receive upfront payment for articles that were over $5. Nowadays writers are receiving lower upfront offers and more articles are being rejected for upfront payment.

For those you who are losing interest in the website, the best things for writers to do is to just move on to websites that will pay way more than Associated Content. Spending your time writing a well written article that you will only receive $4 or less just isn't worth it anymore. There are websites out there that will pay writers more. You should take the time to find websites or clients that are willing to pay you more. An example of some of these websites are Constant Content and Daily Article. What's interesting about both of these sites is that you can write whatever you want and you decide how much you want for your articles. There have been reports of a few people who are making a full time income with Constant Content. But you don't want to depend on these sites because it can take a while for your articles to sell. I will be giving more details about my personal experience and information about both sites in another post. If you are interested in making a full or part time income being a freelance writer, don't put all your eggs into one basket and continue to write for one website or client that pay low wages.


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My freelance writing career began in 2008. I discovered I had good writing skills while I was in college and decided to write a few articles for Associated Content to see what kind of response I would receive. I received a good response and since then I have written for other websites such as Demand Studios, Constant Content, and Textbroker.

I recently graduated from college. I plan to dedicate more time to my freelance writing career and will use this blog to give details about the things that have been helpful for me.


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