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>> Monday, November 8, 2010

Back in September I set an ambitious goal of writing at least 20 articles for Constant Content by the end of the month. Unfortunately I did not achieve this goal. During the months of September and October I didn't write any articles for Constant Content or other websites. When I posted my goal on this blog I thought I would be able to achieve the goal but the goal was probably set too high. One of the reasons I wasn't able to achieve this goal is because it was set around the same time I joined a new direct selling gift basket business. I thought I would be able to write articles and promote my new business at the same. But I took on more than I could handle.

I hope this month I will start back writing again. If I do set another goal for Constant Content, I will try to write at least five articles first instead of twenty.

Sorry to those who are followers or visitors of my blog for the delay in blog posts. I will try to start writing new blog posts soon.

If any of you want to know more about the gift basket business I have joined check out the following:


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