The Importance of Freelance Writers Following a Schedule

>> Friday, July 30, 2010

As a freelance writer one of the important things to do is to figure out how to balance the time you spend writing and doing your daily activities. The best way to make sure you have enough time in the day to write is to create a schedule. Creating a schedule will help you to be more organized, allow you to be more prepared to meet deadlines, and will give you more time to work on other tasks such as promoting your writing.

When you're creating a schedule one of the first things you should do is decide the best time of day to write (morning, night, etc). Once you figure this out it should be much easier for you to add your other daily activities to your schedule. After you have created your schedule the most important thing to do is to never stop following your schedule. Following a schedule will make your life as a freelance writer much easier.


My Thoughts on Low Paying Articles

>> Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I have mentioned in my first post that the first place I have ever wrote an article for was Associated Content. Since then I have written articles for websites such as Demand Studios, Textbroker, and a few others. In the beginning I thought these websites were a good place to develop my writing skills. But when I would write articles for these websites I always wondered how you could possibly make an income you could actually live off of from these sites. One day I decided to do some research and discovered there were writers that would write 7 or more articles for some of these websites several days a week. Many of them have claimed all this hard work has lead to them making an income of over $1000 a month. When I found out this information it was encouraging but I still thought it was a lot of work and always thought in the back of my mind there must be a better way to make more money writing articles.

About a year ago I received an answer to the doubts I had about low paying articles. I came across a writer online that encouraged me to seek higher paying writing jobs and she sent me an article that explains why websites like Demand Studios are wrong for paying writers low wages. The information she gave me helped me to feel so much better about the doubts I had.

I do still write for some of these sites but this year I'm working towards finding higher paying jobs. I feel like when I first became a freelance writer I didn't know that writers were being cheated when they were paid such low wages. But since I have found out the truth about low paying articles I plan to use the information I have found to stop accepting low paying jobs before the end of the year and to seek writing jobs that are willing to pay writers the amount of money they deserve.

"When you know better you do better"

Even though Associated Content and similar websites might not be the best place for writers who want to make a full time income, I do feel like Associated Content did help me to feel confident about becoming a writer and it helped me to develop some of my writing skills.


Is Associated Content Still a Good Place For Writers?

>> Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When Associated Content started back in 2005 it was a great place for new or veteran freelance writers to write about whatever they wanted while receiving upfront payment for those articles and a residual income. Writers who were with Associated Content for the first few years got a chance to receive upfront payment for articles that were over $5. Nowadays writers are receiving lower upfront offers and more articles are being rejected for upfront payment.

For those you who are losing interest in the website, the best things for writers to do is to just move on to websites that will pay way more than Associated Content. Spending your time writing a well written article that you will only receive $4 or less just isn't worth it anymore. There are websites out there that will pay writers more. You should take the time to find websites or clients that are willing to pay you more. An example of some of these websites are Constant Content and Daily Article. What's interesting about both of these sites is that you can write whatever you want and you decide how much you want for your articles. There have been reports of a few people who are making a full time income with Constant Content. But you don't want to depend on these sites because it can take a while for your articles to sell. I will be giving more details about my personal experience and information about both sites in another post. If you are interested in making a full or part time income being a freelance writer, don't put all your eggs into one basket and continue to write for one website or client that pay low wages.


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My name is Lamonica Epps and I'm a freelance writer. I created this blog so I could give tips and details about my journey through freelance writing and network marketing.

My freelance writing career began in 2008. I discovered I had good writing skills while I was in college and decided to write a few articles for Associated Content to see what kind of response I would receive. I received a good response and since then I have written for other websites such as Demand Studios, Constant Content, and Textbroker.

I recently graduated from college. I plan to dedicate more time to my freelance writing career and will use this blog to give details about the things that have been helpful for me.


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