Is Associated Content Still a Good Place For Writers?

>> Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When Associated Content started back in 2005 it was a great place for new or veteran freelance writers to write about whatever they wanted while receiving upfront payment for those articles and a residual income. Writers who were with Associated Content for the first few years got a chance to receive upfront payment for articles that were over $5. Nowadays writers are receiving lower upfront offers and more articles are being rejected for upfront payment.

For those you who are losing interest in the website, the best things for writers to do is to just move on to websites that will pay way more than Associated Content. Spending your time writing a well written article that you will only receive $4 or less just isn't worth it anymore. There are websites out there that will pay writers more. You should take the time to find websites or clients that are willing to pay you more. An example of some of these websites are Constant Content and Daily Article. What's interesting about both of these sites is that you can write whatever you want and you decide how much you want for your articles. There have been reports of a few people who are making a full time income with Constant Content. But you don't want to depend on these sites because it can take a while for your articles to sell. I will be giving more details about my personal experience and information about both sites in another post. If you are interested in making a full or part time income being a freelance writer, don't put all your eggs into one basket and continue to write for one website or client that pay low wages.


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